Unlawful Operation of a Pleasure Craft in Canada

Unlawful Operation of a Pleasure Craft in Canada

The Criminal Code of Canada states that these dangerous operating practices are illegal.

Operating in a Dangerous Manner is operating a pleasure craft or any water skis, surfboard, water sled, or other towed device in a manner that causes danger to the public given the nature and condition of the waters and the activities that may reasonably be expected to occur at that time. Do not:

  • Buzz other boats or PWCs.
  • Try to spray swimmers with the wake from your pleasure craft.
  • Cut in front of or try to jump the wake of other boats or PWCs.

Operating an Unseaworthy Vessel is taking an unseaworthy pleasure craft on a voyage.

  • Operators may not take a registered or licenced pleasure craft that is unseaworthy on a voyage:
    • From a place in Canada to another place in or out of Canada or…
    • From a place on the inland waters of the United States to a place in Canada.
  • Anyone who takes an unseaworthy boat on one of these voyages is guilty of an indictable offence and may be imprisoned for up to five years.